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Week 9: A (Chan)ge of Pace

I am a fan of variety, and not just because people have tagged it as the spice of life. Variety is engaging, but it can also be random and unsuspecting. It keeps people on their toes. It has helped me … Continue reading

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Creating the Dream Job

Another week has flown by, it’s crazy to think that we have less than two weeks left here in Costa Rica. This past week was quite busy for me between wrapping up one project, starting another one, learning about career … Continue reading

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Week 9: Putting in the (Paper)work

Several weeks ago, I had a conversation with Dr Richardson about the different types of activities typically done within manufacturing engineering. At the beginning of the conversation, he said something like “Well first there’s sustaining, which is frankly a lot … Continue reading

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Week 9: Pivotal Week

Back in the Groove I had a short week this week (due to an extended holiday weekend), and so we (Ryan and I) had to continue working on our projects without skipping a beat. For this week, we specified that … Continue reading

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Week 9: As One Project Ends, Another Begins!

A lot has happened this week! Project 1 successfully reached its goal and ended. Because of this, I’ve been assigned a 3rd project! In this project there have been issues with a device used in colonoscopies recently- a wire loop … Continue reading

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Keep Pushing

The exhaustion has finally set in. I found myself feeling exceptionally tired the last several days this week, which made it difficult to concentrate on my work. Luckily, I was able to continue plowing through my tasks and complete all … Continue reading

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Week 9: Taking Charge

This week was a little slower for me! Because my supervisors are out of town, I was, unfortunately, unable to do much hands-on work at the office. Instead, I had to be more proactive in finding things to do. I … Continue reading

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Week 9: Anticipation and Preparation

Everyone knows that when you wear white, you are only bound to get something on it- whether it’s a pen mark or food stain. Well on Wednesday this week I wore a white shirt, with this mentality of course. But … Continue reading

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Week 8: Accountability

We are halfway through the internship! This week, I spent more time on the production floor. We were performing a confirmation build for one of Boston Scientific’s new catheters. Our goal was to test different curing conditions in order to … Continue reading

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Week 8: The Intersection of R&D and Manufacturing

Being a part of the Exploratory Phase team in Process Development has exposed me to a diversity of topics and projects happening on the Coyol site, making these past three weeks at Boston Scientific fly by! Although I have done … Continue reading

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