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Follow our students as they progress through a year of international internships, hands-on design projects, clinical observations, and some amazing adventures!

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Just Keep Prototyping

Carolyne Lu

MilkyWaves and Basket Case have been focused on prototyping. I'm excited to go to the Ignite conference!

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Exploring protoyping, new skills, and new places

Theresa Sievert

Midterm design reviews, prototyping, and trips around the country 

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Persistence Pays Off

Kevin Smith

ClaroScopes are getting shipped to Brazil, two of my four MBA classes have ended, midterms are upon us, and the job search continues

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Field Trip!

Paula Limberg

This month in the GMI was the month of field trips.

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Put To the Test

Christine Luk

So we’ve built some working prototypes for what?

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ClaroScopes and Crawfish

Annie Graff

Final ClaroScope design iterations before design for manufacturing begins! (Plus lots of delicious food!)

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Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Sylvie Kalikoff

ClaroScope is closing out strong, leaving more time for UrinControl, the job search, and Texas sightseeing.

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Back to Work

Sarah Spector

I finally feel like I'm making real progress on my projects for the semester, and am excited to see how much we can get done by April

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What can 4L of breast milk tell you?

Hannah McKenney

MilkyWaves conducts their own benchtop research to solve the mysterious phenoem of lost breast milk fat during feeding

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Change is Good

Carolyne Lu

MilkyWaves and Mind oVR Matter are making good progress, and I have a new HIE project! Also, grad students can have fun, too.

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