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Global Medical Innovation (GMI) is a unique non-thesis Master of Bioengineering (M.B.E.) track offered by Rice University’s Department of Bioengineering. The GMI program guides students as they identify unmet clinical needs and develop innovative solutions. The goal of the GMI program is to grow globally-minded engineers that support the development of safe, affordable products that meet real medical needs.

Program Features

During the GMI program, students will:


Identify unmet medical needs through clinical observation in multiple healthcare settings.


Develop a novel medical solution with an interdisciplinary team of MD, MBA, and engineering students.


Travel each semester to visit local and international clinical sites, interview users, and implement solutions.


Start your year with an international summer internship with a medical device company


The GMI Incubator is where  students, faculty, and advisors work together to solve medical challenges. GMI projects come from a variety of sources including local physicians, medical device companies, international partners, or past design projects. The GMI Incubator’s ideal location also allows students easy access to the Texas Medical Center.

Students work closely with physicians and health care professionals in the Texas Medical Center (TMC). Located across the street from the Rice campus, the TMC represents the largest concentration of health care professionals in the world, where five major institutes and 65 member institutions work to meet the needs of over 10 million patient encounters every year.

Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen

The Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen (OEDK) is a 20,000 square-foot design studio that provides ready access to all the tools, supplies and resources students need to invent and bring engineering design projects to life.

Rice University
  • History of innovation from Rice 360° Institute for Global Health
  • Jones Graduate School of Business
  • Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship
  • Baker Institute for Public Policy
Who We Are


Will Clifton, MD
Director, Global Medical Innovation

Dr. Clifton is a life-science entrepreneur and bioengineer with a background in medical device and innovation education. His focus is on the global future of medical innovation, where the city of Houston, with its prolific medical research community and diverse culture, is a natural home.

Prior to his work at Rice, Dr. Clifton was Senior Director of Medical Affairs at Procyrion, where he spent six years developing a minimally invasive pump to treat heart failure, taking it from a prototype through first-in-human clinical trials. He earned his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine in 2012, with advanced research in otolaryngology as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute fellow.

Sarah Michel, MPH, PMP
Sarah Michel
Associate Director, Business Development

Sarah is an experienced life sciences manager and entrepreneur with a demonstrated history working in Academia. Her focus is to strategically build medical and biotech industry partnerships, identify grant funding opportunities and foster collaboration with academic and hospital partners while building an industry career pipeline for students in the Bioengineering department.

In her previous role as Director of Business Development with Baylor College of Medicine, she turned conceptual ideas into affordable healthcare products for the global market.  She managed a diverse portfolio of $3 million in grant funding cultivated from USAID and Paul Allen Foundation. She also managed all ongoing projects for Global Innovation program including the Global Health Hackathon, and the Smart Pod.

Engineering the Future of Medicine

Interested in a career in medical innovation? Send us a message or give us a call. Our faculty and staff would love to get to know you and answer your questions about the GMI program.

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