Hi! I am Theresa Sievert and I earned my Bachelors degree in Bioengineering from Stanford University in June of 2018. I started my undergraduate career focusing on wetlab and synthetic biology, but developed an interest in design as I continued my undergraduate career. After traveling to Uganda in the summer of 2017 and working on designing an insurance database for a local clinic over 5 weeks, I became excited about designing for global markets. Through my senior capstone design project I was able to iterate thought the biodesign process to prototype a video-assisted chest tube for pneumothorax treatment. This helped me expand my design skills and confirm I wanted to be in a career focused on medical innovation. The GMI program at Rice allows me to expand my design skills in global markets and I cannot wait to collaborate on real-world projects to expand my knowledge in medical device innovation. In my free time I love doing crafts, going for hikes, and watching softball. 

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