Quality – It’s All Over the Place

During this week in the process development department, I was all over the place! More specifically, I used instruments in all parts of my building (at Boston Scientific). Some were new to me, some I had used before, and all of them gave me different insights into our production process and the validation thereof. I’m especially grateful for my coworkers, who continue to patiently explain procedures and strategies to me. When I have questions, I can always ask someone, and they share an abundance of knowledge and experience because they want to edify me. In both quality of work and interpersonal interactions, our team is fantastic. Even employees on other product teams have affirmed that my team is special. I’m going to miss the good rapport we have when the internship finishes in four weeks!I began working on a supplier investigation of raw materials this week. One of our quality engineers, Fernando, and I are investigating the reason for some raw materials’ failure of a specification test after a good history of material passing the test. It’s a different type of work that has more to do with communicating with suppliers and organizing information available from each source. Here’s a picture of me and Fernando in the middle of a meeting. Between our laptops, notebooks, and papers, we were all over the place! Also, in a more geographical sense of quality being all over the place, suppliers we are contacting for this project are throughout the U.S. and even as far as Holland.

My dad rappels like a pro!

Even outside the medical device world, quality is all over the place, which I saw on my weekend adventure. This weekend, my dad came to be my adventure partner! We enjoyed each other’s company and visited four waterfalls, which took us on hikes through rain, deep mud, hanging bridges, cow pastures, and rivers of various sizes and altitudes. My dad and I especially liked rappelling down waterfalls; we got soaking wet and loved it! Depending on the state of rickety bridges and well-maintained rappelling harnesses we used throughout the weekend, we appreciated the rigorous quality measures that are in place for life-saving devices for both medical and sports applications.

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