Done for the semester!!

I can’t believe the semester is already over! It’s so hard to believe that we’re already halfway through the GMI program. The end of the semester was a bit of a whirlwind, so I’m glad to be able to relax for a few weeks with friends and family back at home.

One of my achievements that I am most proud of for the semester was completing the SolidWorks model for our proposed DialOasis 3.0 prototype. This took a lot more time than I had originally anticipated, because there were many different factors we did not take into account before starting the SolidWorks models. As I started putting parts together, I realized that there were quite a few changes we needed to make to our design in order to make it more structurally sound. Additionally, we had another Skype meeting with our collaborators at Invenio, and they offered their input on the design changes as well.  In undergrad, I only used SolidWorks a few times, and had a very basic understanding of the software. I was a bit intimated at first taking on this task, but I knew that this was a skill I wanted to gain. After spending hours in the OEDK working on the models, I was finally able to put together drawings of both the cuartito and the sink. We will soon be sending these to Invenio so that they can start building the units sometime in January or February.

Isometric View of the 3.0 model.

Top View of the 3.0 model. Includes chair and table from 2.0 model, and the new foot-powered sink!


SolidWorks model of foot powered sink. This definitely taught me the most about the different features SolidWorks has to offer.

Our BIOE 527 class also taught me a lot. I wasn’t familiar at all about the different components of a financial model, and even though I wasn’t too involved with creating the financial model for the team, I was still able to learn about the different terminologies and calculations involved. It was an interesting opportunity to be able to work alongside MBA students for the semester, and really highlighted the difference between an engineer’s mindset versus a business student’s. In entering industry, it will be important to be able to work alongside people of different backgrounds, as well as to understand various business terminologies and concepts. Overall, 527 will be a useful class as I continue my career!

One thing I’m most happy about this semester was becoming such good friends with the rest of the GMI group. I honestly could not have asked for a better team to work with, and it has been fun exploring Houston with them! I’m excited for the chance to work with more members of the team next semester, and am sad that I’ll have to go without seeing them for a whole month! Looking forward to enjoying my time off to start next semester off strong.

Happy Holidays from the GMI crew!

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