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My Houstonian Welcome Party

My Houstonian Welcome Party has been filled with humidity, Hurricane Harvey, and healthcare innovation- not to say the three are interconnected but they surely have been the theme of my first month here at Rice. Each unique in its effect … Continue reading

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Catching Up and Getting Started!

It’s been a hectic last month as I’ve been settling in to Houston and finally getting started on my GMI projects! It’s hard to believe that I’ve learned so much about the DialOasis project in the last month. I started … Continue reading

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Back to Costa Rica…Already?

Yes, you read that right. After only being in Houston for a month, I am already back in Costa Rica, though only for a short few days. Sanjana, Chandler, and I are one of the three teams within the GMI … Continue reading

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Whirlwind…I Mean Hurricane…of a Month

All I can say is it’s been a whirlwind, or rather a hurricane. Although difficult to believe, almost a month has passed since the beginning of the fall semester on August 21st. Honestly, I’ve lost track of the days, as … Continue reading

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Start of the Semester

In my brief glimpse of what a job in industry felt like, a recurring thought really put the upcoming semester into perspective. Although the responsibilities and great projects I worked on were fulfilling, I couldn’t help but miss the student … Continue reading

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September: Intro to REDCap Teledermatology Implementation Project

This past month has been the maiden voyage of many things: graduate school at Rice University, living in Texas, and my implementation project. I’m still not used to the beauty of campus at Rice- I don’t think I’ll ever get … Continue reading

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Starting School

After returning from Costa Rica, I didn’t know exactly what to expect for this semester. Would it feel like undergraduate, just different classes? What was Rice like? How would my project go? I had so many questions, only time and … Continue reading

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What a Whirlwind

I thought I had gotten past the inclement weather when I graduated from Rochester, where Timberland boots and thick winter coats were a testament to the blizzards and bitterly cold winds that passed there for most of the academic year. … Continue reading

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