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Week 10: Patience Is A Virtue

With only one week left, I find myself looking back and contemplating about Week 1 here at our internships. I still recall those feelings that I had on the first few days at a job because of having to learn … Continue reading

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Week 10: Wrapping Up

If you remember from Week 9, the nonstandard orders we were using to conduct our experiment were finally supposed to begin production this Monday. I arrived early Monday morning to ensure everything ran smoothly, only to find out that a … Continue reading

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Feedback for Improvement

This week, I spent a large portion of my time focusing on my task of receiving feedback from the members of the DA team about working at BSC. I created an interview guide and met with each member of the … Continue reading

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Week 10: Seeing The Bigger Picture

As we dive into our final four days of our internships with Boston Scientific, I honestly feel that I have just begun drilling deeper into the neuromodulation iceberg. Whereas in many internships, this is the time where things begin winding … Continue reading

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Still Learning Lots

With one week left at Boston, I am trying to tie up loose ends and complete my work. My two technical reports for the coating project are still in limbo awaiting approval; I am hoping that this will occur on … Continue reading

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Week 10: Learning From Others

This week I worked mostly on Project 3, creating and verifying a test method and test method validation protocol for colonoscopy devices. Since I only have one week left in Costa Rica, I wanted to make sure I made the … Continue reading

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