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Continual Learning

Wow! We are half-way through our internship, the time is flying! This week, I was able to work more on my project and made some significant progress, so that made the week go by even faster than normal. Aside from … Continue reading

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Week 8: Full Steam Ahead

Reviewing Progress Our team made it a key point to review progress weekly, this ultimately ensures that we stay on target with our specific objectives. On Monday, I had presented the previous week’s work, detailing the research I had done. … Continue reading

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Week 8: Implementation Project Introductions

The end of this week marks the halfway point for my internship at Boston Scientific. It’s hard to believe it’s almost over! It seems like just yesterday we were in orientation, and the day before that that we got to … Continue reading

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Getting in the Groove

This week I have really gotten in the groove at work. I created my own system to keep track of the tasks I need to complete and when they need to be completed, and I have also enjoyed getting to … Continue reading

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Week 8: Turning Limones into Limonada

This week presented me with the challenge of time: too much of it! Both of my projects hit a speed bump, and I found myself with more autonomy than expected. On Monday morning I converted my potential solutions for Project … Continue reading

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Week 8: Never a Quiet Day

In my experience, there has always a period midway in an internship phase where my motivation is stifled by the imprecise direction of my work. I question the quality of my work and whether I am providing benefit for the … Continue reading

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Week 7: Designing Experiments

This past week in my internship at Boston Scientific, I started working on my primary project. When one of Boston’s product lines first entered production, they used a particular technology to conduct one of the fabrication steps. However, in recent … Continue reading

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Week 7: Getting into a Rhythm

I’m finally getting into a rhythm at Boston Scientific! This week, I devoted the bulk of my time to really learning the nitty gritty details of my project. During the first week of our internship, I set a few key … Continue reading

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Week 7: Starting the Project

Project Initiation After having exposure to the processes of manufacturing, I felt as if I had a good understanding of how to implement certain improvements to product-line processes. With that, my supervisors felt comfortable in giving me definite tasks that … Continue reading

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Week 7: Acid and Collaboration

In last week’s blog I did some research on ideas to solve Project 1- adjusting various elements of a process to change the color of wires from brown to silver. This week my coworker Veronica and I got to test … Continue reading

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