Internship, Part One!

This week, we started our internships at Boston Scientific! I am working in the Process Development department at the Coyol site. It’s been a really exciting first week, full of learning, adjusting, and growing. I am looking forward to learning firsthand how medical devices are developed, and getting the chance to play a role in carrying out projects.

Our week started on Monday, with orientation in Coyol for half the day. Afterwards, we got the opportunity to have lunch and meet our supervisors. My supervisor, DL, told me a little bit about our project, which will focus on the expansion of ultrasound catheter technology to other organs. I’m really excited about this project because I’ll get the chance to do some design work, as well as see the manufacturing process for Boston Scientific catheters. I will research the physiology and anatomy of the different organs, and use this information to recommend a transducer design for use in future iterations of the ultrasound catheters. These ultrasound catheters are important because they allow physicians to image in real-time, and remove tissue samples at the same time. This makes the procedure far more accurate and significantly decreases procedure time.

Aside from learning more about my project and beginning to work on it, I’ve also been getting into the groove of things at Boston Scientific! I’ve never worked at a big medical device company before, so it’s really cool to see how the success of each project is dependent on so many different people. In many of the meetings that I’ve been in, there is a huge emphasis on cooperation and cohesion, not only within departments but also between them. Additionally, I’ve thrived off of seeing how passionate the employees at Boston Scientific are about their projects. Everyone that I’ve met has been so excited to talk about their work, and you can see that Boston Scientific’s goal of bettering customer experience is truly at the heart of everything they do.

Outside of work, we have also gotten a chance to explore nature and culture here in Costa Rica! On Saturday, we went hiking at Bajos del Toro, and saw some beautiful waterfalls. On Sunday, we went to San Jose for the Festival de las Artes, and saw live music, magic tricks, and acrobatics. It was a great way to wrap up the week.

I can’t wait to see where the next five weeks will take me! I’m excited to dive deeper into my project and keep on learning!

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