Working at Baxter

As I’ve been working at Baxter since the end of January, it surprises me how quickly the time has flown! With only two months left in my co-op, I’m excited to start picking up new projects. Next week will determine whether or not the project I’ve been working on most will continue to move forward or not. While thus far I’ve mainly been on the technical side (running tests and then collecting, summarizing, and presenting the data) I’m excited to see more of the managerial side of the group. This is my first time working for a large company, so it will be interesting to observe that dynamic and decision-making process. In the coming weeks I hope to pick up more risk-management related work, as I enjoy being able to add some variety to my workday. Additionally I will have the opportunity to learn more about human factors engineering, which closely relates to some of the work I had to do as part of my senior design project. I’m interested to see how the same fundamentals I learned in the classroom scale up for use in a large company. I’m happy to be at Baxter, and excited for the rest of the summer!

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