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Dialoasis, Design, and Determination

Heading into our big implementation week, I spent a lot of time thinking about dialysis, and what exactly we were setting out to accomplish. My motivation for joining the GMI program was driven by the desire to work to improve … Continue reading

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Week 4: Cuartito Completo

In approximately 35 hours of a work week, our team had completed a (mostly) fully functioning prototype for our DialOasis implementation project! An unbelievable feat that we were all certainly proud of. A feat like this requires concentrated time blocks … Continue reading

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DialOasis Coming to Life

This week we’ve been “sprinting” to the finish line with our DialOasis project. A “sprint” is a five-day push to design and create a prototype of a solution. The goal of a sprint is customer feedback on the last day. … Continue reading

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Week 4: Prototyping

This past week we had a very focused objective of completing a prototype to get patient and doctor feedback on Friday. The prototype was mostly designed by last year’s GMI cohort, so our main task was to make it out … Continue reading

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Week 4: Don’t Stop Just Yet

(Bug Bite Counter: 56)   Here’s your weekly video recap of what GMI has been up to: DialOasis and Ziplines!   As I sit in the sunny, temperate climate of the central valley of Santa Ana, I can only look … Continue reading

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Week 4: Building the ‘Cuartito’ with Invenio

The Need The peritoneal dialysis patients at the Hospital in Libería were eagerly awaiting their cuartito (which translates to little room). You can’t blame them for their excitement either. These patients wait in a small room with two rows of … Continue reading

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Week 4: The best kind of learning isn’t from textbooks

This past week was completely devoted to our implementation project! The implementation project was created by last year’s Rice students who identified a need with peritoneal dialysis patients. We were given their background research and Solidworks designs with dimensions. The … Continue reading

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DialOasis Prototyping

  Before arriving in Costa Rica, several people warned us about all of the bugs, but I managed to leave the Central Valley after a week and a half without a single bite, which made me think that those people … Continue reading

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Week 3: New Territory

First things first, special shout out on this day to the man who makes it all possible. Happy Father’s Day, dad…   Here’s a video of our attempts to learn how to surf at Playa Tamarindo this past weekend! Now… … Continue reading

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The Start of Phase 2- Jungle Edition

Remember how I said I didn’t spend every day in jungle… well this all changed when we entered Phase 2 in Guanacaste! This past week in Guanacaste has been very eye-opening in learning more about Costa Ricans values – beyond … Continue reading

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