Looking to the Future

Since deciding to attend Rice University and join the GMI program I have felt a variety of different emotions. It is difficult to believe that I will be leaving my hometown and the place that gave me some of the greatest years of my life as an undergraduate at West Virginia University. Morgantown is, and forever will be, home. The thought of leaving behind my family and friends and the beautiful rolling hills of this state brings about a certain sadness. But, as May 30th approaches, I have come to realize that the upcoming year is about to be the best of my life. I am excited to get to work alongside the other GMI students, Dr. Richardson, and Sheretta in a program that fits my aspirations so well. This program gives me an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, and I mean way out, in order to pursue my dreams and make my educational and career goals into a reality. Not only will I have the chance to intern at one of the largest medtech companies in the world, but I get to experience it in Costa Rica. How many people can say that?

To think that the internship is only a part of what I’ll get to do while in Costa Rica puts a big smile on my face. I will also be given the chance to meet and work with Costa Rican students in a similar program and get to know the other students in the GMI program and will hopefully make many new friendships in the process. I will also get to observe and interact with medical professionals in the country while looking for unmet needs. Watching surgeries and making new friends are two of my favorites things to do, and I get all of that and more during my 10 weeks in Costa Rica.

One aspect that I am most looking forward to while in Costa Rica is getting to experience the culture and everyday life of the people. When I have traveled in the past, it was always only for a week or so at a time, and I never got the chance to be anything other than a tourist. Being immersed in the culture and getting to know the customs of a new country is something that I have always wanted to experience.

How could I say no to the GMI program? Look at all that it has to offer:

  • 10 weeks in Costa Rica
  • Internship with a large medtech company
  • Clinical observations and needs finding
  • International collaborations
  • Design projects and teamwork
  • New friends and excellent mentors

Over the next year, I hope to push myself like never before in order to make every minute count. I aim to become the best version of myself and to learn as much as I can, all while having as much fun as possible. Moving over 1,300 miles away from home may become the greatest decision I have ever made.

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