Final Thoughts

I chose the GMI program because of its unique focus on the design of medical devices for a global market. I expected a lot of new experiences and opportunities to learn, and the past year has far exceeded these expectations.

I came to Rice with a vague understanding of the process of medical device design. This year has allowed me to delve deeper into the process with projects that have been exciting and rewarding. I was allowed more freedom, and therefore more responsibility, than I had experienced before. I gained the ability to successfully manage projects and to set and execute my own goals. I believe GMI has made me a stronger problem solver, leader, and engineer.

A highlight of the program was working directly with potential users of the devices I worked on and really seeing the impact they will make. I observed a fetal surgery that WombOx will eventually be integrated into, and had conversations with the surgeons who will use it. I also travelled to Costa Rica and visited the homes of dialysis patients who will be able to complete their treatments at home with DialOasis. Seeing firsthand the impact I can make as a bioengineer showed me that I am on the right path. Using my engineering skills and building prototypes is one thing, but really understanding why I’m doing it has made it so much more rewarding.

My GMI team has been the most high-performing engineering team I have been a part of. We each came from different backgrounds, with different personalities and different skills to contribute. I am so proud of everything we’ve accomplished together, and I’d like to thank each of them for being so supportive and working so hard this year. Dr. Richardson has been an amazing mentor to all of us throughout the year, and I am constantly amazed by everything that he does. It is clear how passionate he is about GMI, and his knowledge and support have been essential to our success. Sheretta works hard to keep everything running smoothly, and is so important to the program as well.

This year has been challenging and rewarding in so many ways. The experiences and skills I have gained in GMI have allowed me to land a job I’m very excited to begin in just a few short weeks. I am eternally grateful for this program and everyone involved, and will always look back on this year as one of great growth and success.

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