Juggling Projects

With only two and a half weeks left of classes, we are very close to being done with the fall semester! There is still much to be done in the coming weeks, but we have all accomplished a lot on each of our projects so far.

I’m working to refine the design of my implementation project, a pulse oximeter for minimally invasive fetal surgeries. This involves collaboration with potential manufacturers of the device. It is one thing to design a great device, but making it as easy as possible to manufacture is yet another challenge. I’m trying to get as much insight as possible from people experienced in the manufacturing of medical devices so I can adjust the design accordingly.

We are also all working on another project that is continuing from the GMI students last year. It involves modification of a bag valve mask used for ventilating patients that gives the user feedback on the correct use of the device. It will notify them if they are allowing air to leak out of the mask. This project is farther along than our other projects, and we are preparing to run a clinical trial in the next few weeks. We’re currently ensuring the device is built in the most robust way possible and doing trial runs to ensure the data we collect will give us useful information.

For our design project, we are down to our top 3 needs and are doing more in depth research on each. We have also determined the criteria that a solution would need to meet in order to successfully address each need. Soon we will move to an exciting part, brainstorming solutions and beginning some low-fidelity prototyping.

As you can probably see, we’re juggling a lot of projects this semester. Each one is in a different stage, which makes them all very exciting to work on. Things like working with manufacturers and running clinical trials are new experiences for me, so I have been learning a lot.

Today we are registering for classes for the spring, which is hard to believe. There is a lot left to do before I go home for a short winter break, but I’m confident that it can be done!

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