Week 8: Positive People

One thing I will definitely miss when I leave Costa Rica in just two weeks is the people. I have had such a positive experience with everyone here, at my internship, in the short course, and while exploring the country. All of the Costa Ricans I have met love their country and have encouraged me to explore as much of it as possible. Per many recommendations, we took a trip to Manuel Antonio last weekend, a gorgeous area on the Pacific coast, and it was definitely one of the highlights of my time here.

Apart from their enthusiasm for their country, I’ve found that the people I work with at Boston Scientific love the job that they are doing. They are proud to be making a difference in the medical device industry, which is very inspiring as I prepare to begin my career in this field. I saw the same attitude during our first week here, while visiting hospitals and clinics. Even in places with very low resources, everyone we talked to just wants to improve patient care in any way they can and are very positive that they can do that. This drive and positive attitude is something I aspire to always have in my career.

The project I am working on requires communication with many people in the office, and the enthusiasm and positivity of everyone has made this communication enjoyable. Everyone has been so willing and happy to help me with anything I need. I am someone who sometimes struggles with asking for help, but the supportive environment has made me much more comfortable with it. Getting to interact with the wonderful people and culture of Costa Rica has been a great experience, and has been a huge part of what I have enjoyed about this summer so far.

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