Week 7: Internship Reflections

At the end of the fifth week of my internship, I reflect on my time at Boston Scientific so far. I am working in the Process Development (PD) department. This is an area that I didn’t know much about before I started, but has been a really exciting place to work. PD works with both the Research and Development department to design new products and the Manufacturing department to ensure efficiency and quality when these products are being built. It therefore requires thinking about a wide range of steps in the engineering development process. I think that being part of the bridge between design and manufacturing has given me good view of different aspects of a medical device company.

The project I have been working on has been very interesting to learn about and contribute to. I’m currently digging deeper into each of the processes that will be used in manufacturing this new device. When working with medical devices, seemingly tiny details can make a huge difference for a patient, so each process must be carefully considered. I’m looking at the desired results of each process that will come together to make the best final product.

With three weeks left of the internship, there is still a lot left to be done. My goal for this summer was to learn about and see many of the functions of a medical device company throughout the engineering development process, and Process Development has put me in a great position to do just that as I work on my project. I’m sure that these next three weeks will fly by, and I’ll be in Houston before I know it. In the meantime, I want to continue to contribute as much as I can in my internship and enjoy more of the beautiful country of Costa Rica!

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