New Projects Incoming

At first I thought time would pass slowly during the internship, but it appears I was wrong – I have been losing track of what day of the week it is and before I know it it is Saturday once more!

This past week Michael and I kept working on the same project so not much changed until Friday; just before we left we were briefed on a few upcoming projects we may be working on separately. They will give us the details in the next few days. I am almost sure next week will be even busier as they will probably enable our training modules which mean that there will be plenty of reading for us then.

Throughout these days I have been learning about topics I previously overlooked due to my lack of knowledge in the manufacturing sections of the product life cycle (be it medtech or any other kind). I am certainly more inclined to design processes as well as regulatory affairs – I very much enjoy sketching new ideas and handling tedious amounts of paperwork (well I don’t *enjoy* paperwork but documenting has its charm). However, with these new skills and processes we are learning, I am now getting a broader panorama on what goes on between the design process and regulation.

In all honesty, it has been a greater challenge than I initially thought considering my strengths are mostly in electronics and programming. I will not complain though, learning this much about mechanical and manufacturing engineering in just a few days is an invaluable opportunity. Forcing us to overcome our weaknesses is an evil welcome approach to achieving our true potential – No pain, no gain!

After another Saturday of teaching all morning and afternoon and spending my Sunday with my family – another week of learning awaits.

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