Week 3: Pupusas and Dory

I’ve finished the second week of my internship and my third week in Costa Rica. This week at Boston Scientific has been filled with a lot more research about the materials and processes that will be used in the new product I’m working on. I’ve been looking at many sources to learn the important things that must be considered in the design. Soon I’ll be giving a presentation to the engineers in my department about the information I’ve found and my recommendations moving forward. The Process Development engineers I am working with come from many different engineering disciplines and therefore have expertise in different areas. The aim of my presentations is to make sure everyone has a good understanding of the specific materials that will be used in the device.

On Friday, I went out to lunch with my department for pupusas. They are a traditional dish from El Salvador consisting of a thick corn tortilla filled with a blend of ground pork, refried beans, and cheese. It was delicious and it was great to spend time with my coworkers outside of the office!

On Saturday, Jeannette, Michael, and I visited the City Mall, the newly-built largest mall in Central America. We walked around for a few hours and ate dinner there, then saw Finding Dory. It was in Spanish, so we understood the main storyline but definitely didn’t catch everything. It will be interesting to see it again once I’m back in America to see what I missed out on. It was definitely a good exercise to work on my understanding of Spanish!

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