New Projects & Dory – Week 3

As of this past week, I have finally settled into a (somewhat) normal routine during the work week! I am big into planning and scheduling, so having a consistent routine helps reduce the sense of uncertainty I feel when I don’t have a general idea of what my schedule might be. Work this week was awesome. I was able to make some progress on my project with Luis Diego, and was even given a new independent project that will begin this coming Monday (6/27/16). Overall, I have really been enjoying my work and have already learned a lot. I’m anxious and excited to learn more about my new project this coming week!

 This weekend has been another fun and relaxing couple of days. On Saturday, Erica, Jeannette, and I decided to spend the day at the new City Mall, the largest mall in Central America. Our only plan for the mall was to see Finding Dory after dinner, so we had plenty of time to walk around and check out the stores at the mall. The mall reminded me of any western mall that I’ve been to, even with some familiar stores. Finding Dory was a pretty good movie, though it was all in Spanish so I only got the gist of what was happening. I will definitely need to watch the English version at some point to fully appreciate everything that happened (and to understand the jokes).

The girls and I have also planned a trip for next weekend! The three of us will be going to the Arenal Volcano for a couple days to take a horseback ride up to the volcano, visit the natural hot springs, and go zip lining, just to name a few of the activities! Unfortunately, Luis Diego won’t be joining us due to his teaching schedule on the weekends.

 I am really looking forward to the next few weeks of work and fun! 7 weeks left!

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